Erno Laszlo Limited Edition 28-Day Hydration Mask Set ($525 Value)

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This set features 28 applications of Erno Laszlo's best-selling hydrating mask.

Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment. Perfect for travel or to hydrate dehydrated skin, this mix-to-activate, dual-phase mask works to instantly soothe, hydrate, and plump the complexion.

Set Includes:
  • 28 packettes (19 oz. / 5.5g)
  • 28 vials (1.25 fl. oz. / 37 mL)
  • 4 spatulas
About Erno Laszlo:
Hungarian-born dermatologist Erno Laszlo founded the Erno Laszlo Institute in New York. Immediately successful, the Institute's clientele includes many of the most rich, famous, and powerful people in the world. Today, the iconic line of Erno Laszlo skincare and cosmetics boast legions of loyal followers.
Erno Laszlo 能量賦活冰白面膜限量版 28 組
  • 28 包深海紅藻小分子蛋白粉 (19 oz. / 5.5g)
  • 28 精華液 (1.25 fl. oz. / 37 mL)
  • 4 刮板
1. 由低溫乾燥法所萃取「深海紅藻小分子蛋白」, 能夠瞬間降低肌膚表面溫度 15℃,讓肌膚瞬間獲得沁涼的感覺
2. 水、粉二劑混合的特殊包裝設計可保有面膜內珍貴有效成份的最佳活性, 同時讓滋養成分有效持續的滲入肌膚內層活化每一個細胞
3. 非常適合需要急救肌膚以最佳狀態示人,或是肌膚特別暗沈、毛孔粗大、乾燥需改善時使用, 一敷完立刻重現亮白的肌膚光澤, 提供強效保濕修護以及瞬白細緻的冰晶體驗