Giant Drawer for Champion Desk 舒適款成長書桌抽屜

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加購一個抽屜到Champion Desk 舒適款成長書桌
擴展出桌的收納功能。寬敞的抽屜橫跨書桌的寬度。抽屜裡裝有軟墊, 以確保抽屜運作時鋼筆、鉛筆和文具不會跟著滑動。兩個分隔的抽屜空間,以方便收納跟分類文件和文具
Add a Drawer to Your Moll Champion Desk

Expand your Moll Champion Desk with this optional drawer. The spacious drawer spans the width of the desk. The drawer is equipped with foam inserts to secure pens, pencils and art supplies when the drawer is in motion. Two built in compartments organize school work and projects.

Add an optional Drawer Cover to conceal drawer contents.

Product Specifications

Dimensions (in inches): 3 H x 42 W x 16 D
Available in Silver
Assembly required.