Moll Champion Cubic Container 三抽櫃

Moll Champion Cubic Container 三抽櫃

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這個可移動三抽櫃適合搭配在書桌之下。內置滾動腳輪, 使您可以輕鬆地在您的房間移動櫃子。

可把三抽櫃變成一個有趣的座位。堅固和安全的適合兒童設計讓這個產品完美的解決了存儲和收納的問題。兒童的臥室, 遊戲室或家庭室。在寬敞的抽屜裡組織學校用品、工藝品和玩具。

Stylish Storage Cube Matches the Champion Desk

This mobile cubic container with drawers fits perfectly under the Moll Champion Desk. Built in rolling casters make it easy to move the Storage Cube around your room.

Add an optional Storage Cube Cushion and turn the cube into a fun seat. The sturdy child-friendly construction makes this the perfect storage solution for a child's bedroom, playroom or family room. Organize school supplies, crafts and toys in the roomy drawers.

Product Specifications

  • Drawers are self closing
  • Includes customizable drawer handle inserts in eight colors to match Moll Champion Desk and Maximo Chair
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in White
Dimensions (in inches): 16.92 H x 16.92 W x 21.65 D