Moll Joker Adjustable Desk 經典款調整式成長書桌

Moll Joker Adjustable Desk 經典款調整式成長書桌

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Moll Joker Adjustable Desk 經典款調整式成長書桌
獨特的設計與德國精緻工藝, 這一套人體工學的成長調整式書桌, 可以配合您的孩子在每一個不同成長的階段。書桌的高度和桌面可以完全調整, 以確保健康的姿勢和鼓勵良好的學習習慣。, 並可以調整以適應您的孩子在每個不同的學習高度。Moll Desk 讓孩子自主決定他們的工作空間, 為他們的整個學習生涯而設計。

簡約和高功能的設計, 讓Joker Desk 建立孩子們良好的學習環境,從他們開始上學的那一刻起。辦公桌可以手動提高和降低到10個階段的不同高度。搭配手勾配件,調整桌子高度是簡單又容易的, 讓你為您的孩子的姿勢找到最適合的高度!

Joker Desk 的經典迷人之處在於設計其細節、品質跟功能,可調整式的傾斜桌面設計,讓人體工學健康的正確姿勢能落實到每一個學習的階段,不論是繪製, 寫作, 閱讀或做專案,都有適合的角度,保護正確的姿勢。

  • 桌子有 10 段高度的調整設計
  • 適合兒童安全的旋轉式按鈕以及高度調節支架
  • 可放文具的空間設計
  • 可加選 抽屜以增加儲存空間
  • 桌面透明防滑防護貼、防止傾斜時掉落物品
  • 附贈背包鉤,可直接掛在桌邊吊掛書包
  • 穩定的金屬腳與腳輪在後面和高度調整桌子前面
  • 邊條共有6種顏色可隨時更換
  • 堅固與友善的結構。使用獨家三聚氰胺樹脂塗層以及防止刮花表面的設計。
  • 選擇三種顏色: 白色、楓木和橡木
  • 辦公桌高度範圍從 20.87 "到 32.29"
  • 尺寸 (英寸): 46.06 "x 26.77"

The ergonomic desk designed for healthy posture

Moll Desks are uniquely designed with Moll brand German engineering, and meant to adjust to fit your child at every height. The desk height and desk surface adjust fully to ensure healthy posture and encourage good study habits. Moll Desks allow a child to customize their workspace for the entirety of their schooling career. Children need desks and chairs that can be customized to the ergonomics of the body in every phase of development.

Where functionality meets design

Highly functional and cleanly designed, the Joker Desk from Moll is built to grow with your child from the moment they begin their schooling. The desk can be manually raised and lowered to 10 different heights, with proven hook fitting. Adjusting the desk is simple and allows you to get the right height for your child’s posture!

Classic Moll quality at a great value

The Joker Desk is captivating with its focus on classic Moll details while not compromising in design, quality and function. The Joker desktop adjusts with a basic spring-supported tilting mechanism, which allows for ergonomically healthy posture when drawing, writing, reading or doing projects. The desktop tilt can be continuously adjusted to an angle of 18°.

Product Specifications

  • Desk raises to 10 different heights
  • Height-adjusting bracket fitted with rotary push button that is safe for children
  • Pencil compartment folds out for stationery storage
  • Add optional drawer for added desk storage
  • Transparent anti-slip guard affixes to front of desk to prevent items from falling while tilted
  • Bag Hook affixes to desk
  • Stable metal feet with caster at the back and height adjustment front
  • Color strips come in 6 color options
  • Durable wood elements made of chipboard, coated with melamine resin
  • Choice of three colors: White, Maple and Oak
  • Desk height ranges from 20.87" to 32.29"
  • Dimensions (in inches): 46.06" x 26.77"